Banteay Chmar Temple Tour VIP

Banteay Chmar Temple Tour VIP

Banteay Chmar Temple Tour VIP

Banteay Chmar Temple Tour VIP:

Banteay Chhmar (Khmer: បន្ទាយឆ្មារ) is a commune (khum) in Thma Puok District in Banteay Meanchey province in northwest Cambodia. It is located 63 km north of Sisophon and about 20 km east of the Thai border. The commune of Banteay Chhmar contains 14 villages.

The massive temple of Banteay Chhmar, along with its satellite shrines and reservoir (baray), comprises one of the most important and least understood archaeological complexes from Cambodia’s Angkor period.

A prince battles a demon (north section of west gallery, third enclosure wall)

Like Angkor Thom, the temple of Banteay Chhmar was accomplished during the reign of Jayavarman VII in the late 12th or early 13th century. One of the temple’s shrines once held an image of Srindrakumararajaputra (the crown prince), a son of Jayavarman VII who died before him. The temple doors record Yasovarman I’s failed invasion of Champa.

The long Old Khmer inscription found at the site (K.227), and now on display in the National Museum, Phnom Penh, relates how Prince Srindrakumara was protected on two different occasions by four companions in arms, once against Rahu, and once on a military campaign against Champa. Their four statues, with one of the prince, was placed in the central chapel.

Another bas-relief states Yasovarman II was attacked by Rahu, but “saved by a young prince.

*Tour Program Of Banteay Chmar Temple Tour VIP :

Pick up at the hotel at 8 o’clock and then heading to the west of Siem Reap. It will take between two and a half to three hours to get to Banteay Chmar Temple. It is located close to the Thailand’s border. We are going to spend three hours in that temple’s area for lunch and visiting the ruined temple. We will return to Siem Reap at 3 o’clock.

Note : We are going to eat lunch at the temple area, so lunch is arranged in the box from Siem Reap.

*Cost of Banteay Chmar Temple Tour VIP :

Please select one of our service options below that we arrange for two people only. If you have more than two people, the price will be increased.


1. Service Included : English Speaking Tour Guide, Vehicle ( Lexus or Toyota Camry or Toyota Highlander), Lunch, Entrance Fees, Cold Water and Cold Towels = $


2. Service Included : Vehicle with a driver only (Lexus or Toyota Camry or Toyota Highlander), Lunch, Entrance Fees, Cold Water, Cold Towel =$


Service Excluded :  Things that are not mentioned in the service options above.

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