Angkor Wat Special Tour Price

Angkor Wat Special Tour Price

Angkor Wat Special Tour Price

Please enjoy with our special itinerary for young people “Angkor Wat Special Tour Price”

Hello My name is Jack Brown, the owner of Angkor Boutique Tours. I am feeling very well to offer a cheap price tour package for younger people, students and back packers. I understand that you are back packers and students you do not have much money to spend for the luxurious tour because you need to travel to many countries in the world and you have to be very limited budget.

When you think about doing a tour to Angkor Wat with a tour guide and a/c car in $15, you cannot even think about it but now you are absolutely able to think about it and i will make it happen for you. You need to pay only $15 per one person but i can make it happen unless you have four people over, the number of people have to be between 4 to 24 people. So what you have to do is to talk to your friends to join you in this tour and one more thing if you want this tour, you just email to me and i will check that if i have other three people in hand that they have already booked, i will let you know.

About the itinerary of Angkor Wat Special Tour Price

We are going to start the tour at 8 o’clock in the morning. We are going to visit the first place is Angkor Thom, the last capital city of the Khmer Empire and you will see Bayon Temple which is the main temple that is located in the middle of Angkor Thom. The next stop is Ta Prohm Temple that is a famous temple in the movie tomb raider, so you will see many parts of this temple are overgrown by the tree roots.

After lunch, we are going to finish our day with the largest religious temple on earth, Angkor Wat. It was built in 12th century to dedicate to a Hindu god, lord Vishnu.


Cost Of Angkor Wat Special Tour Price : USD 18 per one person

Inclusion: English Speaking Tour Guide, A/C Van with a driver

Exclusion: Temple Pass($37 per one person), food, and thing that is not mentioned in the inclusion above.

Tel: +855 17 575 793, 86 739 015


Facebook: Theng Siem Reap Angkor

WhatsApp : +855 17575793

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