Cambodia Wonderland Tour

Cambodia Wonderland Tour

Cambodia Wonderland Tour

Cambodia Wonderland Tour :

Cambodia is called by it’s own people “Suvanna Phimi” which means Golden Land. The reason why people call this name because of this land is rich in natural resources such as gem, diamond, gold, good timber and so on, and there are many magnificent things and places such as mountain ranges, rain forests, wild animals, ethnic tribes, waterfalls, rivers, lakes(Tonle Sap), thousands of ancient temples and modern Buddhist Temples and so on.

Hearing a hundred times is not impressive as you come and see them by your eyes.

We are natives and experts who live in this land who you can trust to arrange everything for your wonderful trip in this country and we we will let you find out the reality of those magnificent things.

Let’s start looking at the itinerary of 17 nights – 17 days tour all across the Cambodia:

Day 1 : (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Arrival Siem Reap

Arrive at any time of that day and the tour guide and the driver will be waiting to welcome you at Siem Reap International Airport and escorting you to the hotel. Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 2 : (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : ( Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom:(bayon temple, baphoun temple, the royal palace, terrace of elephant)  and Ta Prohm Temple)

We are going to start the tour at 8 o’clock in the morning. We are going to visit Bayon temple that is the heart of Angkor Thom City in which famous for it’s 54 towers with 216 magnificent faces. After that, we are going to walk on a dirt path to Baphoun Temple which is the largest temple in Angkor Thom and next is the Royal Palace, Elephant Terrace. Before lunch that we are going to eat near Ta Prohm Temple, we have to finish Ta Prohm Temple that it is famous because of the movie Tomb Raider.

After lunch and noon break, we are going to finish our day with Angkor Wat that is the largest religious temple in the world and it is one of the wonders of the world.

In the evening, Dinner with traditional dance show. Overnight Siem Reap.

Day 3: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : ( Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon, Pre Rup and Banteay Srey)

Start the tour by leaving the hotel at 8 o’clock and heading to Preah Khan Temple. Preah Khan is the Second Largest Temple in Cambodia, next is Neak Pean Temple, Ta Som Temple, East Mebon, Pre Rup Temple and the last one is Banteay Srey which is the most beautiful temple in Cambodia because of it’s neat and magnificent carvings.

In the evening, Cambodian Circus Show. Overnight Siem Reap.

Day 4: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : (Beng Mealea Temple and Floating Village)

Start the tour at 8 o’clock in the morning and heading to Beng Mealea Temple, this temple is a ruined temple and there are so many trees have over grown on almost every part of this temple.

After lunch and noon break on the way, we are heading to Tonle Sap Lake which is the larges fresh water lake in southeast Asia, so we are going to take a boat to see the life style of the villagers who live on the floating houses and the houses on the high stilts.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 5: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Koh Ker Temple Group and Preah Vihear Temple

Depart Siem Reap and heading to Koh Ker Temple Group that will take about two hours. Koh Ker was once became the capital of Cambodia in the middle of 10th century AD. We are going to see several main temples especially the largest temple, Prsat Thom that so amazing. After lunch near Koh Ker, we are heading Preah Vihear Temple that is located on Dang Rek Mountain Range which is the natural border between Cambodia and Thailand. Preah Vihear Temple is a very impressive temple, built by a few different kings between 10th and 12th century.

Over night Sa Em City of Preah Vihear Province.

Day 6: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Preah Vihear City, Sopeak Nimit Waterfall, Stung Treng City

Depart Sa Em City and heading to Stung Treng Province. On the way, we will stop and have a look the city of Preah Vihear and then continue to ……..After that, we are heading Stung Treng City. Stung Treng is located by the Mekong River. You will enjoy with the landscape of this city and the great view of the Mekong River.

Overnight in Stung Treng City.

Day 7: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Kraches City, Fresh Water Dolphin in the Mekong River

Depart Stung Treng and heading to Kror Ches Province. We will be enjoying with the gorgeous view of the Mekong River and the fresh water dolphin jumping over the water to welcome you.

Overnight at Kror Ches City.

Day 8: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Se San River with fresh water sandy beaches, Virakchey National Park and tribal villages.

Depart from Kror Ches City to Ratanak Kiri Province and our first stop is Se San River. You will be enjoying with the view of the sandy beaches in the Se San River and then you will see the old traditional houses of the ethnic people and their life style. After that, we will do the trekking tour in jungle of the Virakchey National Park.

At 5 o’clock in the evening, we will leave Se San River and heading to Banlung City that is where we will be staying.

Overnight in Banlung City.

Day 9: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Banlung City, Yak Loum Lake, Kachang Waterfall

In the moring, we will start our tour by checking out the busiest time of the day of the province’s largest market, Banlung Market and then continue our trip to explore the entire city of Banlung. After that, continue the trip to one of the top ten greatest lake in the world, Yak Loum Lake. In the afternoon, we will have a shower at Ka Chanh Waterfall.

Overnight in Banlung City.

Day 10: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Busra Waterfall, Dous Kramom Mount and the sea of forest

Depart at 8 o’clock from Ban Lung and heading Mondoul Kiri Province. Our first stop is Busra Waterfall that is the most beautiful and the highest waterfall in Cambodia. After enjoying the beauty of the natural waterfall, we are heading to Dous Kromom Mountain that is the most sacred shrine of the biggest group of ethnic minorities in Cambodia, Pnong Tribe. Just five minutes from the shrine, you will see the no ending forest view of the Sea of Forest.

Overnight in Sen Monoroum City.

Day 11: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Coffee Farm, Elephant Riding

In the morning, we will do our fist tour to take an elephant ride and then we are going to visit a coffee farm. Mondul Kiri Province is the most well known place in Cambodia in coffee production.

Overnight in Sen Monoroum City.

Day 12: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Soung City, Kompong Cham City and Phnom Penh City

Depart from Sen Monoroum City in the morning for heading to the capital city of Phnom Penh. On the way, we will stop at a durian farm if it is it’s season and then spend some times to check Soung City that is the capital of the youngest province of Cambodia, Tbong Kmum Province. We will stop to see the beauty of the former third largest city of Cambodia, Kompong Cham City and Province that is located by the Mekong River.

We will be arriving Phnom Penh in the evening and overnight in the capital of Phnom Penh.

Day 13: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : The Royal Palace, National Museum, Toul Sleng Museum, Cheung Ek Killinh Field Museum, Central Market

We will start our first day tour in the capital of  Cambodia by beginning with the Royal Palace that was built since the 15th century and it is the place where Cambodian current king still lives in and then we will visit the nearby National Museum. After that, it’s time to study about a bad point of Cambodian history, Toul Sleng Museum and Cheung Ek Killing Field Museum. In late afternoon, we will have a look at the former biggest and oldest market in Phnom Penh, Psa Thmey.

Overnight in Phnom Penh.

Day 14: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Chiso Mountain, Takeo City, Phnom Da Temple, Angkor Borey Museum

Leaving Phnom Penh at 8 o’clock and heading to the southern part of Cambodia that our first stop is Chiso Mountain to see the temple on the top of that mountain. After that, we are heading to Don Keo City, the capital of Takeo Province, we will take a boat trip that will take almost an hour to get to Phnom Da and the temple of the 5th century and we will visit a nearby museum. After that, continuing the trip to Kep city and province and overnight there.

Day 15: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Kep City, Rabbit Island, Kep Beach

Kep city is the calmest beach city in Cambodia, we will do our morning tour by taking a boat to Rabbit Island and you can enjoy the swimming on a very beautiful sandy beach. The rest of the day, we will check the view of the tiny beach town and Kep beach.

Overnight in Kep City.

Day 16: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Salt Farm, Kompot City, Heaven Bokor Mountain

Leaving Kep in the morning and heading Sihanuk City. On the way, we will stop at a village that it’s people earn the living by producing salt and after that continue the trip to Bokor Mountain that was the most famous gambling city in the 50s and 70s, the city is located on the top of the mountain. In the late afternoon, continue the journey to Sihanuk City. Overnight in the biggest beach city in Cambodia.

Overnight in Sihanuk City.

Day 17: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Heaven Beach of Koh Rong

Take a boat trip to relax at the heaven island of Koh Rong all day.

Overnight in Sihanuk City.

Day 18: (Cambodia Wonderland Tour) : Depart Sihanuk City to Phnom Penh and fly home

Depart from Sihanuk City to Phnom Penh for flying home. Goodbye Cambodia!

Please come with us to reach your expectation!


*Costs Of  Cambodia Wonderland Tour Service:

Please select one of our service options below that we arrange for two people only. If you have more than two people, the price will be increased :


1. Service Included : English Speaking Tour Guide, Car (Lexus or Toyota Highlander or Toyota Camry), Cold Water, Cold Towel = $..


2. Service Included : Car with a driver Only (Lexus or Toyota Highlander or Toyota Camry), Cold Water, Cold Towel =$..

3. Service Included : English Speaking Tour Guide, a/c Car, Hotel, All kinds of entrance fees, Foods(breakfast only and one dinner with show), Circus Show Ticket, Cold Water, Cold Towel = $..

Service Excluded :  Things that are not mentioned in the service options above.

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