Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days

Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days

Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days

Please enjoy with our tour package of Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days:


Day 1 : (Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : Arrival :  the tour guide and the driver will be waiting to welcome you at Phnom Penh International Airport and escorting you to the hotel. Overnight Phnom Penh.


Day 2 :(Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : The Royal Palace, National Museum, Toul Sleng Museum And Cheung Ek Killing Field Museum, Wat Phnom

Start the tour at 8 o’clock at the Royal Palace that is the place where the current king lives and after that visit the National Museum Nearby. After that, it’s the time to study about a bad point of Cambodian history that is called the years zero or the dark era, Toul Sleng or S21 Museum and then Cheung Ek Killing Field Museum. After that, the driver will try to drive us to see the view around the most famous market in Phnom Penh, (Phsar Thmey) and the last one is Wat Phnom. Over night PP.


Day 3 :(Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : Departure From Phnom Penh To Battambang, Banan Temple, The old quarter of Battambang City, Sompov Mount

Depart Phnom Penh to Battambang Province at 8 o’clock. Battambang is located at the northwest part of Cambodia and borders to Thailand, it is a place where famous for fruits, rice and there are so many natural resorts. We should have arrived Battambang at 12 o’clock. After lunch, we will head to Banan Mountain and Banan Temple. After that, we will take you to see the city of Battamnang that still has a lot of French style buildings that were built in the French colonization period. After that, we will take you to Sompov Mountain that is a very famous place for Cambodian female monks and amazing caves. Over night Battambang.


Day 4 : (Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : Departure Battambang To Siem Reap, Silk Farm, Tonle Sap(Floating Village)

Depart Battambang to Siem Reap at 7: 30 am. We should have arrived Siem Reap at 11 o’clock, and the first place you will see is the Silk Farm that is where you will see the factory of silk cloths and the way how to weave the thread by using the traditional machine. After lunch, We will check in the hotel and have some times to freshen up and after that, we will go to seethe floating village in Tonle Sap Lake. Over night Siem Reap.


Day 5 : (Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : Angkor Wat, Sunrise, Angkor Thom and Preah Khan Temple

Start the tour at 5 o’clock for Angkor Wat Sunrise and the entire temple in the size of 195 hectares. After that, heading to Angkor Thom that was the last Capital city of the Khmer Empire, there are several thing s to see in it, Bayon Temple, Baphoun Temple, the Royal Palace, Elephant Terrace and the Leper king Terrace. After lunch, We will finish our day at Preah Khan Temple, a calm and peaceful temple. Over night Siem Reap.


 Day 6 : (Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : Taprohm Temple, Pre Rup Temple, Banteay Samre and Banteay Srey Temple

We will start our tour at 8 o’clock by heading to Taprohm Temple, the temple which is overgrown by the tree roots and the place where the movie tomb raider was filmed. Next is Pre Rup Temple and next is Banteay Samre Temple. After lunch, we will finish our day with a far temple 37 km from town called Banteay Srey Temple that is the most beautiful carving temple in Cambodia. Over night Siem Reap.


 Day 7 : (Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days) : Departure : The tour guide and the driver will be taking you from the hotel to Siem Reap International Airport for your departure, bye bye!


*Costs Of Cambodia Private Excursion 5 days :

Please select one of our service options below that we arrange for two people only. If you have more than two people, the price will be increased :


1. Service Included : English Speaking Tour Guide, Vehicle (Toyota Camry or Van), Cold Water = $..?


2. Service Included : Vehicle with a driver only (Toyota Camry or Van), Cold Water =$..?


  • Service Excluded :  Things that are not mentioned in the service options above.

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Optional : Cambodia Private Recreation 5 Days

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