Trekking Tour Angkor Wat

Trekking Tour Angkor Wat

Trekking Tour Angkor Wat

About Siem Reap Trekking Tour Angkor Wat Itinerary

So now lets start talking about Trekking Tour Angkor Wat Itinerary:

If you are a person who likes trekking, you will like this tour a lot i hope. Kbal Spean Resort is a very good place for doing trekking tour. Trekking is something that is different from other activities that most tourists do in Siem Reap. Threkking Tour Angkor Wat will help you to realize about the condition of the weather in this country and the amazing scenery of the rain forest in Cambodia. To do this type of tour, you should arrange sun’s cream, mosquito spray, trainers, long sleeve trousers and shirts, hat and umbrella and so on. If you want to do this, please don’t hesitate to ask me everything that you are not clear about. So now lets start taking a look at the itinerary of trekking tour Angkor wat below:

We are going to leave the hotel at 7: 30 AM and heading to buy the ticket for Angkor Park and then we are heading directly to Kbal Spean Resort that is located at the north of Siem Reap City. We will arrive Kbal Spean at 9 o’clock and then we are going to start walking up a long a path that some parts of the path are very steep so please prepare comfortable shoes(trainers). It takes about one hour by walking to get to the highest part of the river which is called Kbal Spean( Head of Bridge). And then we are going to walk down a long the river to see the amazing carvings on the river bed and then we will reach the waterfall at the last stop. Kbal Spean was one of the religious spots of the Khmer civilization. In the 11th century, a Hindu king whose name is Udaya Ditya Varman 2th had set a project to convert a natural river on the mountain side in to a worship place. The Khmer artists carved the a big natural stone block a lot of carvings of the Hindu major gods, and also carved the river bed to be the thousands of Shiva’s Linga and Yoni. The king’s goal of doing that project was to convert that river as the holy river that people who lived in the villages and cities a long the river became healthy because they used the water to bathe, to cook, to irrigate and so on.

After finishing the carvings and waterfall, we are going to walk down a long the same way that will take one hour too. We are going to eat lunch near Banteay Srey Temple. After lunch, It is the time to impress the beauty of Banteay Srey Temple. Banteay Srey was built in 10th century and 90 percent of the whole temple made of pink colored sandstone. Every single part of this temple if full of neat carvings.

If you have any question about this type of tour, please feel free to ask, we are here waiting to assist you all the time.


*Cost Of Trekking Tour Angkor Wat :

Please Select one of those included service options below:

  •  Tour Guide, Lexus,  Toyota Camry or 15 seated Van or Toyota Highlander, Cold Water, Cold Towel = $..
  • Tour Guide, Tuk Tuk, Cold Water, Cold Towel = $..

Service Excluded : Food, Entrance Fees, Lodging, and thing that is not mentioned in the options above.

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