Motorbike Siem Reap Rural Village Tour

Motorbike Siem Reap Rural Village Tour

Motorbike Siem Reap Rural Village Tour

Please enjoy with Motorbike Siem Reap Rural Village Tour Itinerary.

This is a tour program for motorbike rider tourists, i hope this pro program will be your choice in your tour in Siem Reap. There are a lot of fun when you decide to do this kind of tour with motorbike to the rural village. There is no worry about the busy traffic, no accident, and it is very free from crowd and stress. You should prepare proper shoes, clothes, helmet and sun’s cream. You will see the real life of Cambodian farmers, the real view of rice paddies, cows, buffaloes, dogs, chickens and sometimes, you can see the wildlife. Please feel free to consider to make this tour with us.

Okay Lets start looking the itinerary of Motorbike Siem Reap Rural Village ! We are going to start the tour at 8 o’clock. We are going to visit the villages of Angkor Wat owners at north of Angkor Wat called Angkor Thom District and sometimes, we choose other parts of Siem Reap to make you enjoy the tour that is unforgettable. We are going to drive our motorbike on the dirt roads and many other small paths to all those villages. Sometimes, we have to drive across the river, stream, lake, canal. The tour guide will explain you everything you want to know.

We will see the view of the villages, the lifestyle of Khmer Villagers, the view of the rice paddies and the Buddhist Temples and so on. We need to pack lunch and we are going to eat at the village.

Cost Of Motorbike Siem Reap Rural Village Tour:

Tour Guide = $…

Inclusion : Tour Guide Only.

Exclusion : Food, entrance Fees, Lodging, Motorbike Rental and thing that is not mentioned in the inclusion.

If you are a lone, you do not need to rent motorbike, you can ride with me.


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