Motorbike Beng Mealea Floating Village Tour

Motorbike Beng Mealea Floating Village Tour

Motorbike Beng Mealea Floating Village Tour

About Motorbike Beng Mealea Floating Village Adventure Itinerary

If you like driving motorbike, this itinerary is for you.

Beng Mea Lea Temple is located at the northeast part of Siem Reap which is near the quarry that ancient people brought the stone to build thousands of temples. It has very similar style as Angkor Wat because it was built by the same king. The archaeological studies tells us that this temple was use as the strong hole during the war in that time. In Khmer Rough Regime of Pol Pot, It was used as the place for keeping the weapons and Khmer Rough put a lot of land mines but please don’t worry the mines were removed before opening for tourists in 2000.

Kompong Kleang City is an amazing ancient city that is located in the Tonle Sap Lake side. People built houses from woods and built on high stilts to stay away from the flood in the rainy season. I hope you will like it.

Lets start looking the itinerary of Motorbike Beng Mealea Floating Village Adventure! We start the tour at 8 o’clock and take our motorbikes and then driving a long the road Number 6 to the east of Siem Reap. We are  heading to Beng Mealea Temple. After Visiting the beautiful flower hiding in the jungle of Beng Mealea, we are going to have lunch on the way. After lunch and noon break, we are heading to Kompong Kleang which is an ancient city in the lake of Tonle Sap. We will see the amazing wooden houses built on very hight stilts. After that, we are going to take a boat to see the floating village.

Cost of Motorbike Beng Mealea Floating Village Adventure :

Tour Guide = $..?

Inclusion: Tour Guide Only.

Exclusion: Entrance Fees, Food, Lodging, Motorbike Rental, Boat Rental and thing that is not mentioned in the inclusion.

If you are alone, you don’t need to rent a motorbike, you can ride with my motorbike.

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