Angkor Wat Sunrise Bicycle Adventure

Angkor Wat Sunrise Bicycle Adventure

Angkor Wat Sunrise Bicycle Adventure

Lets go to visit the sunrise at Angkor Wat (Angkor Wat Sunrise Bicycle Adventure)

Angkor Wat is the best place to visit sunrise. If you have enough time to sleep early at night, it will be okay for you to get up at 4 o’clock early in the morning. The sun rises at between 6: 00 am to 7: 30 am depends on the season. We need to get up early because we need to spend half an hour to cycle from the hotel to Angkor Wat and spend about 20 minutes to buy the ticket for visiting the temples. Please make sure yourself that you can ride bicycle properly. You need to arrange sun cream, wearing well covered clothes( cover your shoulders and knees), and helmet but normally when you rent bicycle, they provide helmet as well.

Okay lets talk about the itinerary of Angkor Wat Sunrise Bicycle Adventure.

We are going to leave the hotel at 4: 30 am and cycling to buy the ticket and then cycling direct to Angkor Wat. We are going to find a a good spot for waiting the sunrise. After finished the sunrise about 6:30 or 7 o’clock am, we are going to move quickly to the second level of Angkor Wat to make line to climb to the third level of Angkor Wat. After finished the third level, we are going to start visiting good carvings, the most important area of Angkor Wat and learning about some historical carvings and Hindu epic Carvings.

After Angkor Wat, we are going to Angkor Thom to see the the south gate of Angkor Thom and then Bayon Temple, that id the main temple in Angkor Thom. After that, we are cycling to the est gate of Angkor Thom that is a very quiet place and the we are cycling on the wall to another gate at east side of Angkor Thom called Victory Gate. After that, we are cycling to a peaceful temple of Taney which is hiding in the jungle that is a quiet place too. 

After lunch near Srah Srang, we are going to finish our day at Ta Prohm Temple that is well known in the movie of Tomb Raider. Many parts of the temple are over grown by jungle.

Cost Of Angkor Wat Sunrise Bicycle Adventure :

Tour Guide = $..

Service Included = Tour Guide only

Service Excluded = Entrance Fees, Bicycle Rental, Food, Lodging and thing that is not mentioned in the service included above.

If you like this service, please tell us how many people are coming and then we will make a bicycle rental reservation for you that normally costs 5$ for one bike.

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